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    "The film is a stirring salute to human ingenuity."
    — LA Times

    "The Farthest ultimately proves a welcome and invaluable reminder...that space exploration is of boundless importance."
    — Hollywood Reporter

    "It’s the right film at the right time, a cathartic moment in which audiences will shed tears for a little machine made of silicon and aluminium."
    — Screen Daily

The Farthest—Voyager in Space


THE FARTHEST—Voyager In Space will celebrate the magnificent Voyager probes, the men and women who built them, and the vision that propelled them farther than anyone could ever have hoped. Originally approved to travel only to Saturn and Jupiter, the spacecraft took advantage of a once-in-176-year planetary alignment and used gravity-assisted slingshot trajectories to extend the missions, with Voyager 2 also visiting Uranus and Neptune. The two spacecraft, equipped with less computing power than a cell phone, sent back unprecedented images and data from all four outer planets and their many spectacular moons.

Four decades later, Voyager 1 has traveled more than 12 billion miles and Voyager 2 more than 10 billion, and both nuclear-powered spacecraft continue to send back data. In 2012, Voyager 1, which is traveling at more than 320 million miles per year, became the first human-made object to enter interstellar space—leaving our solar system behind and ushering humanity into the interstellar age. Voyager 2 is expected to join it in interstellar space in the next few years, and billions of years from now, when our sun has flamed out and burned Earth to a cinder, the Voyagers and their Golden Records will still be sailing on—perhaps the only evidence that humanity every existed.


Writer and Director:
Emer Reynolds

John Murray
Clare Stronge

Director of Photography:
Kate McCullough

Tony Cranstoun A.C.E

Executive Producers
John Rubin           Keith Potter
Sean B Carroll      Dennis Liu

Scientific Advisors
Reta Beebe
Arthur Lonne Lane




Executive in Charge:
Bill Gardner


For HHMI Tangled Bank Studios


Managing Director:
Anne Tarrant

Director of Operations:
Lori Beane

Director of Production:
Heather Forbes

Director of Communications:
Anna Irwin

Art Director:
Fabian de Kok-Mercado

Consulting Producer:
David Elisco


For HHMI Tangled Bank Studios


Senior Researcher:
Laura Helft

Producer, Public Engagement:
Jared Lipworth

Production Manager:
Lorri Garcia-Cottrell

Post-Production Supervisor:
Arjun Rao

Scientific Graphics Advisors
Mark Nielsen
Satoshi Amagai

Executive Coordinator:
Wilma Davis




Official Selection

Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection

Audi Dublin International Film Festival
Winner: Audience Award


Edinburgh International Film Festival
Official Selection

Port Townsend Film Festival
Official Selection

Seattle International Film Festival
Official Selection


Sydney Film Festival
Winner: Audience Award for Best Documentary

Warsaw Film Festival
Official Selection