Lucky Specials

The Lucky Specials movie was intended to be an invaluable tool for reaching people infected and affected by tuberculosis (TB)  and HIV, policymakers, and the public. As such, the goal of the movie is to relay useful information to motivate personal and systemic TB-related behavior change that lowers infection rates and increases access and adherence to treatment. This report subsequently provides the results of that assessment, detailing the immediate and short-term outcomes of the intervention. The purpose of the evaluation was to identify and document the expected and unexpected outcomes specific to the immediate and short-term perceptions and behavior as a result of the target audience viewing the movie.

Some of the key findings of this evaluation include:

•  The film effectively conveyed TB-related knowledge
Viewers could recall their new knowledge 30-days after having had viewed the film 
•  Watching the film achieved immediate short-term behavioral changes related to viewers’ TB-related intentions 

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