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Giant Impact for the Giant Screen

Blue whales are the largest animals to have ever lived. Once abundant in our oceans, their habitats and numbers are dwindling. By bringing their story to the giant screen, is it possible to inspire people to do more to save this awe-inspiring animal?

Ending HIV in America

Is there a role for stories and film in the education of busy health care professionals? The documentary Ending HIV in America looks at the past, present, and future of HIV. Through viewing this film, medical professionals had the opportunity to go far beyond their training to learn about the hopeful and happy lives of HIV+ patients. Via film and story, these professionals further developed their empathy and communication toolkit, in addition to finding inspiration in the treatments to come.

Our Gorongosa

Can films be used to make an impact where viewing access is limited? We prioritized screening Our Gorongosa in communities bordering a national park in Mozambique. These communities were the film’s target audience, but most communities are in areas with limited access to cinemas, television, and internet. We used mobile cinemas to bring the film directly to the border communities. The viewings also provided an opportunity to have meaningful discussions about how people thrive alongside the park.

Inventing Tomorrow

In Inventing Tomorrow, we share the stories of passionate teenage innovators from around the globe who are creating cutting-edge solutions to the world’s environmental threats- found right in their own backyards- while navigating the doubts and insecurities that mark adolescents. Learn more about how this film connected with audiences and classrooms.

Lucky Specials

Can films change people’s behavior and improve public health outcomes? The Lucky Specials brings together an engaging story, great music, and scientific animations for an engaging cinematic experience. In addition to being entertaining, viewers learned about tuberculosis prevention and management and shortly after watching the film, changed their habits and behaviors to reduce the spread of TB.

Backyard Wilderness

Throughout the country, libraries are valuable centers for family learning. Our giant screen film Backyard Wilderness focuses on how much we can learn about the world by observing our own environment, no matter where we are. We partnered with libraries to spread the message, because who knows the needs of a community better than their local library? This qualitative report describes different ways local libraries implemented a BioBlitz to serve their ecosystems and communities.

Amazon Adventure

Giant screen films are well-known for awe-inspiring family fun, but can they be useful in helping people better understand the work of scientists? In this study, we found that viewers of Amazon Adventure changed their perception of scientists and the natural world after watching this award-winning, giant screen film.