Together with world class partners, we create innovative outreach initiatives to amplify the reach and deepen the impact of each of our projects.


Backyard Wilderness

Library exhibits, bio blitzes, apps, and educational materials bring “Backyard Wilderness” off the screen and into communities nationwide. The initiative encourages participants to get outside and observe the natural world around them.

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Amazon Adventure

As the film thrills worldwide audiences, educational materials allow students to dig deeper into Henry Walter Bates’ incredible story of discovery. An NSF-funded research project also explores the effectiveness of giant screen content for STEM learning.


The Farthest

“The Farthest” reaches tens of thousands through free public screenings and panels featuring the scientists and engineers who brought the 40+ year mission to life. Free copies of the film are distributed to educators and libraries nationwide.

The Lucky Specials

“The Lucky Specials” entertains and educates audiences across sub-Saharan Africa, while empowering communities to make informed decisions about tuberculosis. Launched on World TB Day, the outreach effort includes TV broadcasts, theatrical and grassroots screenings, facilitator guides and educational materials.


Impact is driven by collaboration. We work with leading organizations dedicated to journalistic, scientific and educational excellence.

The Associated Press | The Atlantic | American Museum of Natural History | California Academy of Sciences | Carr Foundation | Discovery Learning Alliance | Goronogosa National Park | Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival | The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation | NASA Museum Alliance | National Academy of Science’s Science Entertainment Exchange | National Geographic | The New York Times | Pacific Science Center | PBS | Science Friday | Simons Science Sandbox | The Smithsonian | StarNet | Vulcan | The Wellcome Trust

Storytelling In The Classroom

A cornerstone of HHMI’s leadership in science education, HHMI BioInteractive is transforming teaching and learning by bringing the power of real science stories into tens of thousands of high school and undergraduate classrooms. BioInteractive’s award-winning multimedia resources have helped millions of students understand and care about the living world. All BioInteractive materials are provided free of charge and aligned to recognized curriculum standards.



Evaluation is a critical component of each of our projects. Whether its formative research to help us better understand how young people engage with science stories, or summative assessments of national and international outreach programs, our evaluation effort is dedicated to discovering new insights and participating in the important, ongoing conversation about effective science communication


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We work with leading production companies, directors, writers, journalists, scientists and mission-oriented partners to ensure that our projects have broad reach and meaningful impact.