As news of the coronavirus broke, around the globe, the world’s most elite scientists began taking on the biggest challenge medicine has ever faced: how to create a vaccine to kill a virus no one had ever seen before. Science has proven to have risen to the challenge, creating multiple promising candidate vaccines in a matter of months. Directed and produced by British filmmaker and former virologist Catherine Gale (The Joy of Winning), and co-directed by American medical journalist and independent filmmaker Caleb Hellerman, RACE FOR THE VACCINE (the title for the CNN broadcast in North America, which is also narrated by CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, MD) / VACCINE: THE INSIDE STORY (the title for the BBC Two broadcast in the United Kingdom), will show the work of these scientists. The filmmakers are embedded with several of these teams around the world, and continue to follow them through the difficulties and triumphs of their research, from the challenges of recruiting trial subjects to facing down public pressure from politicians to speed up their science. Viewers will have a sense of the personal sacrifices these heroes are making for the public good – as well as those of the clinical trial volunteers, who are literally putting their bodies on the line for the benefit of humanity. The film will tell the tale of how this unprecedented group of scientists and volunteers rallied to try to solve the crisis gripping the globe. This film is produced by Wingspan Productions and Global Health Reporting Center, in association with Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Tangled Bank Studios. The film is executive produced by CNN Films and BBC. The film has been supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.